Fresh storage (...) not released before assignment

From 433253

Sample code:

        int move;
	int *empty;
	empty = safe_malloc(sizeof(int)*NUM_EMPTY);
	empty = state_empty(s);             /* this is the bad line */
	move = empty[r];

Error message:

game.c:115:2: Fresh storage empty (type int *) not released before assignment:
                 empty = state_empty(s)
  A memory leak has been detected. Storage allocated locally is not released
  before the last reference to it is lost. (Use -mustfreefresh to inhibit
   game.c:114:2: Fresh storage empty created


The problem here is that the safe_malloc line is allocating a block of memory which empty is set to point to, but then on the next line empty is changed to point to the return of state_empty(), meaning there is now no longer anything pointing to the memory that safe_malloc returned, and thus it is lost (and leaked). To fix this code, it is simply a matter of removing the safe_malloc() line, since the memory is not required. In other situation you would need to put a free(empty) before you change the value of empty.

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